Accessible Designs …

With alternatives appealing to different tastes, life solutions that offer the most natural state of comfort, and accessible design approach, Emek Furniture is waiting for you to add a difference to life.
We meet all the criteria of comfort and quality, durability and elegance, accessibility and design.
With our understanding of service from the factory to the public, we provide you with quality at affordable prices.

Timeless and Contemporary Furniture…

Emek Furniture is young, dynamic and modern with its materials, colors, designs and all other features. It not only gives you the excitement of a newly purchased furniture, but also continues to create the dynamism in your home with its timeless designs.


We offer rich options with hundreds of different product types, from furniture to accessories, from bed to bed base-headboard, from colorful home textile products to pillow quilts.


To be a pioneering organization in our sector by providing job opportunities in the furniture sector and serving our country in the best way.

Our Mission